SALT-X is a concentrated rinsing/flushing agent designed exclusively to remove salt residue/crystals from any surface! SALT-X can be used for rinsing shipboard equipment, ALL tracked and wheeled Snow vehicles and Snow equipment, scuba gear, boats, outboard/engines, buildings, air conditioners, etc. EXCELLENT for rinsing homes, buildings, shrubbery, etc., after hurricanes and coastal storms!! Anywhere salt is a problem, SALT-X can be used!

SALT-X, when mixed with fresh water, does several things: 1. It buffers the salt film on the surface and pacifies the metal. 2. It dissolves and lifts the salt film back into solution to be rinsed away.

SALT-X gets into cracks and crevices; it will quickly kill the salt residue that has accumulated there! As Aggressive as SALT-X is in removing even the harshest build up, laboratory tests have proven SALT-X to be NON TOXIC & ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE!! SALT-X is as easy to use - Mix 2 ounces of SALT-X per gallon of water, Rinse surface thoroughly and let air dry.

One gallon of SALT-X diluted with water translates into 64 gallons of SALT-X solution.




SALTBUSTER SUPER CONCENTRATE was designed to take advantage of the SALT-X (SALTX) technology by combining a general purpose detergent with SALT-X (SALTX). The result was a general purpose cleaner that not only removes mild to medium soils, grease, oil and hydrocarbons but also removes even the harshest of salt buildup! Fresh water (which contains chlorine) and ordinary soaps (which for the most part contain salt as a building agent) will not remove stubborn salt film from surfaces. This film is the first stage of corrosion! SALTBUSTER works quickly to deactivate, dissolve and remove this film, thus extending the usable life of any surface exposed to salt! A unique corrosion inhibitor in SALTBUSTER actually leaves a dry non-oily coating to help protect temporarily against further salt exposure. Laboratory tests have shown SALTBUSTER to be NON-TOXIC & ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE!! Repeated use in the field by retail, industrial and military customers has shown that when used regularly as part of a "Preventive Maintenance" program, SALT-X and SALTBUSTER removes even the harshest buildup of salt and salt film from all types of surfaces, without harming paints, oils, greases, fabrics, rubber items, plastics, etc. and can add years to the useful life of equipment.

One gallon of SALTBUSTER diluted with water translates into 16 gallons of SALTBUSTER solution.



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